Global Sustainability. Global Recognition.

The Athletes’ Village at Whistler, B.C. demonstrates to the world DEC’s leadership in low-temperature District Energy Sharing Systems.

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Sustainability On a Large Scale

Upon completion, Westhills, a 210 hectare master-planned community in Langford, B.C., will feature Canada’s largest, most advanced DESS, designed and built by DEC.

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Sharing Is The Key To Saving

DESS – 50% reduction in energy requirements; 50% reduction in water requirements; significantly reduced infrastructure capital, construction and operating costs; significantly reduced environmental impact.

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Engineering Sustainability From the Ground Up

At DEC, conservation and sustainability are at the heart of all our projects.

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Sustainability – We Take It Personally

DEC fields a team of bright, experienced engineers, technologists and designers personally dedicated to the optimal use of recovered thermal energy and water.

DEC Feature

Engineering Sustainability

DEC is an innovative Canadian engineering corporation working at the forefront of sustainable systems design and construction. Embracing the concept of energy conservation and sustainability, DEC fields a uniquely gifted team of bright, experienced engineers, technologists and designers dedicated to the optimal use of recoverable and renewable energy for the heating and cooling of buildings, from single structures to entire communities.

Award-Winning Whistler Athletes’ Village

This closed-loop, low-temperature District Energy Sharing System in Whistler, B.C., is one of the first in the world powered by treated wastewater effluent. Vancouver 2010

New & Noteworthy

Extreme Arctic Climate “No Problem” For DESS

A geothermal-powered DESS is the choice of the Na-cho Nyak Dun First Nation, and the Governments of Canada and Yukon.

District Energy Sharing For Russia

DEC has signed a tri-party DESS agreement for the Southern Star project in the Krasnodar Region of southern Russia.

District Energy Sharing System By DEC

Saving energy. Saving water. Saving money. DES Piping Schematic

E2o – Web-Based Software Tools Plan Dess From ‘A’ To ‘Z’.

Now governments, utilities, developers and architects can fast-track the planning, costing, construction and operation of a DESS. The E2O software suite streamlines the process, making it easier, faster and more economical to integrate DESS into both new developments and retrofit/regeneration projects.

A Tip Of The Hard Hat…

Congratulations to DEC Engineer Emeritus Dick Perry, winner of the ASHRAE F. Paul Anderson Award. Richard Perry with his Cessna

DESS Gains International Attention For DEC

Russia, China, the United Kingdom, Jordan and the USA are enthusiastic about DEC’s District Energy Sharing System. CERBA Spring Summer 2010 Issue